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Phelps/Maries County Health Department reported 206 positive cases of Covid in it’s latest report

The Phelps/Maries County Health Department reported Monday in its biweekly dashboard update that 206 positive cases of Covid were confirmed as of that date in Phelps County. The update noted 68 new cases were added Monday alone, with the average age of patients being 33.8 years old. It is the first time the 200-case threshold has been crossed since mid-January. The health department has reported the Delta variant and Alpha variant have been driving the increase. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the health department reports 146 COVID-19 associated deaths have been reported in Phelps County as of Monday. There have been more than 4,800 total COVID-19 cases recorded in the county over that time. During the COVID-19 spike late last year and early this year, confirmed case numbers in Phelps County rose to as large as 636 on December 3rd. The numbers decreased to just above 100 by the end of January, and to as low as 14 confirmed cases as of June 7th. Since then, case numbers have been rising in size each week. The health department reported 32 cases on June 16, 67 on June 23rd, 89 on July 1st, 154 on July 8th, and 206 in the latest update July 12th.


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