The City of Osage Beach will hold a public hearing on June 20th to consider rate adjustments for water and sewer services. According to the Office of the City Administrator, economic factors, including inflation and supply-chain issues has lead to an increase in the costs of equipment, materials, and labor, coupled with an increase in needed system repairs and improvements, have contributed to increases in system expenditures and use of financial reserves. Rate modifications are needed for the purpose of operating, maintaining, and improving the water and sewer systems, and to replenish adequate reserves and ensure revenues for overall operation and maintenance of the system are generated.

A Public Hearing will be held on June 20, 2024, at the 5:30 PM Board of Aldermen meeting at City Hall. Two rate schedule changes are anticipated upon Board of Aldermen approval. The Board of Aldermen will consider the First Readings of applicable bills following the scheduled public hearing. The City’s water system was built in the early 2000s and currently serves nearly 6,100 users. The City’s 8 wells with 4 water towers produced nearly 380 million gallons of water for our system’s users. The City’s sewer system was built in the 1980s and currently serves nearly 7,100 users. The system includes over 1,200 grinder pump stations and 59 sewer lift stations. Sewer flows from our system’s users equated to over 352 million gallons in 2023. Over the past four years, the number of utility users has grown 6% in both the water and sewer system.