Yield the Right of Way to Convoys–that is the notice that has been given to drivers on Fort Leonard Wood. This notice comes in the wake of recent events where drivers have been observed on two-lane roads speeding past convoys, often weaving between vehicles, sometimes at high rates of speeds on the post. Fort Leonard Wood Chief of Police James Stewart says, “These types of actions could lead to accidents that result in serious injury and/or death. First and foremost, yield the right-of-way to convoys – maintain a safe distance behind the convoy to allow you to stop, if needed.” Both Stewart and Donald Busbice Jr., with the U.S. Army Garrison Fort Leonard Wood Safety Office, says exceeding posted speed limits, crossing double lines to pass vehicles and driving between vehicles of a properly identified convoy or funeral procession violate Regulation 190-5, “Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision on Fort Leonard Wood.”
Aside from the obvious dangers, violations of the regulation can lead to administrative actions, including, but not limited to, traffic-point assessments, letters of reprimand or even the suspension or revocation of post driving privileges.