(Crocker)–The latest Covid-19 statistics released by the Pulaski County Health Center in Crocker offer a glimmer of hope to residents and health officials. As of Monday, there were 330 positive Covid-19 cases since December 14th. Health Department officials report no Covid-related death in that one-week period. The PCR 7-day positivity rate is down slightly at 26 percent. However, Pulaski County remains on the list of Extreme Risk counties for Covid-19. The Health Department reminds residents that the Category 1 Recommended Action Plan includes business occupancy limits reflective of social distancing, the social group size of ten or less, and the wearing of facial masks is strongly advised in all offices and businesses where social distancing is not possible.
A Mask Advisory is still in effect, as Pulaski County is currently considered a hotspot within the state. Individuals are advised to remember the 3 W’s. While there is no current mask mandate, these practices will help protect you and our community. WEAR your mask while in public places. WATCH your distance. WASH your hands.