Route Back Open After Rehabilitation Project

MoDOT has opened up a route on Interstate 44. Webster County Route B Bridge over Interstate 44, just west of Marshfield at exit 96 is back open to the public following a rehabilitation project. That project saw contractors add new barrier walls, guardrails at the end of the bridge, and new permanent striping. The work was part of a three-year project to improve 25 bridges within 15 miles of Interstate 44 across the Southwest District. Of the 25 bridges in the project, known as the I-44 Corridor Bridge Bundle, seven are mainline I-44 bridges, five are I-44 overpass bridges and the remaining bridges are on adjacent routes over various features. 16 bridges will be replaced and nine bridges will receive major rehabilitation work. So far, 18 bridges have been completed in this project. The project cost 43.2 million dollars.