The Laclede County Sheriff’s Office were called to several reports of theft during the first couple of weeks of December. On December 5th, Deputies responded to the 25thousand block of McClurg for a breakin at a storage building. The owner reported that tools, an acetylene torch and tans, a saws all, speakers and amps, and a drill were stolen. In the 31-thousand block of Highway 32, some broke into a home. In the 19-thousand block of Clover Road, a woman who had been incarcerated for four months discovered that someone had been living in her home and stole several items, including an HVAC unit, personal belongings, and a horse trailer. Deputies responded to a business in the 19-thousand block of Houston Road. The caller said that he went outside to get a U-Haul ready for a customer and noticed the exhaust was very loud. He said he crawled under the vehicle and noticed that the catalytic converter was missing from the exhaust system. The damage happened sometime between the 3rd and the 7th. On the 8th Deputies responded to the 1-thousand block of Tower Road. The business owner said that a man was riding his bike and said he was thirsty and asked for a drink of water. She said she told him to go inside and ask, and that’s when he stole a wallet that was stored under a cabinet. On December 10th, Deputies responded to the 17-thousand block of Nellis Lane for a theft. The property owner said someone smashed his fence down, and stole 10 foot cattle panels, 10 metal posts and a 12 foot gate. The investigation is continuing in each of the thefts.