Facebook Marketplace transaction results in Car Theft

Lebanon Police received a report of vehicle theft by fraud after a woman became suspicious about a person to whom she sold a car to. The victim reported that she was in the parking lot of Walmart and met with a person who was buying the car. The woman said a man presented her with a check in the amount of more than $9-thousand, but she had a bad feeling about the interaction saying it felt very rushed. She said when she checked Facebook she noticed it was not the same person that they had spoken with in the parking lot. She said she later called the bank and was informed the account number didn’t match anything they had. As soon as the woman learned it was a fake check, she contacted the police, filed a police report, and reported the car stolen. A couple of days later the woman found her car for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Columbia Police recovered the stolen car and a 21-year-old man was taken into custody. The investigation is continuing.