JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri celebrates our local heroes during Local Government Week April 12-18, 2020. In light of COVID-19, this week is an ideal time to thank your local officials and local government employees for their dedication to keeping essential services running in your community.
During the pandemic, the local government has been at the front lines. Their guidance, quick adjustments, flexibility, and creativity have kept our communities safe; clean water flowing; the lights on; meetings open via online tools; meal services and remote learning for students; and consistent customer service for citizens.
Working together, your cities, counties, and schools are the backbone of your community. Now more than ever, they are heroes for our neighborhoods.
Local Government Is…

  • The first responders who willingly walk into danger to protect your community
  • The paramedics whose ambulances arrive within minutes to save lives every day
  • Law enforcement bringing security and safety during uncertain times
  • Your school districts quickly regrouping for remote learning, while providing meals each day in creative ways
  • Your municipal utilities bringing clean water to your home and facilitating sanitary sewer collection
  • Local elected officials providing guidance during this unprecedented time
  • Public health investigators tracking cases of COVID-19 and determining steps the community can take to mitigate the spread of the disease.
  • Local emergency responders working to supply necessary equipment and resources
  • Your favorite local park trail when cabin fever strikes
  • Officials planning now for resilience and recovery in the future
  • Transportation adjustments to continue service in a safe and reliable manner
  • The necessity of trash service right at your curb
  • City employees who continue to serve under difficult situations
  • Your local main street restaurants offering curbside service when dining in is not an option
  • Your friends and neighbors serving on the school board setting a direction for the next school year

“Local government is always closest to the people, and now more than ever is finding new ways to serve under the most unusual circumstances,” said Dan Ross, executive director of the Missouri Municipal League. “The dedicated officials and local government employees are doing everything they can to keep your community running smoothly, especially during this ongoing challenge.”
Take time this week to thank your local government heroes who are working tirelessly to make sure you and your family are safe, secure and moving forward. Post on social media how local government heroes have helped you during this time and use the hashtag #molocalheroes!