Longtime Area Broadcaster Passes

For nearly 40 years, listeners of our sister stations in the Waynesville – Saint Robert area woke up to the voice of Warren Goforth delivering the local news each hour on KJPW and eventually on KFBD Radio. That voice was silenced Saturday night when Warren died in his home at the age of 80. He came to KJPW on January 1st, 1984, after being the manager at KLWT Radio in Lebanon and then editor of the Lake of the Ozarks newspaper. Goforth was instrumental in bringing KLWT-FM 92 in Lebanon on the air in May of 1979, FM-92 eventually became KCLQ 107.9. Goforth was also responsible for hiring local broadcasters, Mike Morris in 1977, Jim Morris in 1980, and Kevin Stubblefield in 1981.

At the end of his 6 decade radio career, Warren was the news director at KJPW-KFBD and served as the Chief Engineer for a period of time. Warren Goforth was a veteran, having served in the Air Force in Alaska during the 1964 devastating earthquake. Warren was a 1960 graduate of Dixon High School. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.