State Budget Director Dan Haug announced that net general revenue collections for January 2023 increased 55.1 percent compared to those for January 2022, from $882.1 million last year to $1.37 billion this year. Net general revenue collections for 2023 fiscal year-to-date increased 15.6 percent compared to January 2022, from $6.58 billion last year to $7.61 billion this year.

Laclede County Treasurer Kristy Carr has released the sales tax numbers for January in Laclede County which also shows an increase over 2022. 2023 General Revenue sales tax sits at $238-thousand-43-dollars, which is more than $24-thousand-dollars over last year. The County Development Tax collection in Laclede County is also up by $24-thousand, and the Law Enforcement Sales Tax is up nearly $9-thousand.