Who is running in the April 4th Municipal election?

This coming Tuesday, April 4th, is the date of the General Municipal Election in Missouri. Voters in Crocker will have a choice of candidates for ward one councilman, where James Patton is running against Ralph “Pete” Marshall. Glen Smith is unopposed for Mayor, Christi Leaverton is unopposed for the one-year-unexpired term in ward one. Richard Heenan, Senior, is unopposed for ward two alderman. In Dixon, Mike Null is unopposed for Mayor, Leslie Hansmann has no challenger for municipal judge, Anthony Campbell is unopposed for ward one alderman, Stacey Yoakum is unopposed in ward two, and Michael Gunther is opposed by Wesley Wilfong for ward three aldermen. In Richland, Harold Needs is unopposed for mayor, Dana Tanner is unopposed for the two-year term for ward one alderman, Jason Goldsmith is being opposed by Ronda Workman Massey for the one-year unexpired term in ward one, and Robert (Bob) Lilly is seeking the ward three alderman’s post. There is no candidate who filed for ward two aldermen. Two candidates are running for mayor in St. Robert–Charles Slider and George Lauritson. Reggie Hall, Walter Reese, and John Moore are seeking re-election without opposition in wards two, three, and four. In ward one, Letitia Slider is running against Susan Davidson. In Waynesville ward one, Rena Brown and Bill Farnham are on the ballot for alderman. Clarence Liberty is unopposed in ward two, Sean Wilson is unopposed in ward three, and Amanda Koren is unopposed for ward four alderman. Robert C. Hyatt, Junior, is running unopposed for the ward four one-year unexpired term. The polls will open at 6 o’clock Tuesday morning and close at 7 Tuesday evening.