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Covid-19 Vaccination Rates Climb in Pulaski County

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there has been an encouraging increase in the number of people in Pulaski County who have received a Covid-19 vaccination in the last week.
As of this Tuesday, CDC reports an increase of over a thousand first doses that were administered in the county since July 27th, bringing the first dose total to 23,127 people, or 44 percent. A similar second dose increase was recorded in the same one week time period. There are now 19,021 Pulaski County residents who are fully vaccinated, or 36.2 percent.
Citizens wishing to get accurate, up-to-date Covid vaccination rates for the county are discouraged from checking the state’s DHSS Covid Dashboard website, which still is reporting only 16.9 percent of Pulaski Countians having received the first Covid shot and only 13 percent having received both Covid shots.
The state’s decision not to include vaccine administered on Fort Leonard Wood in its totals continues to bring undue unfavorable attention to Pulaski County as being one of the lowest vaccinated counties in the country.

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