Charges filed after medical clinic evacuated

A clinic was evacuated on Friday after a man walked in the door of the building in the 800 block of Lynn Street and said there was a bomb in the building. According to the report filed by officers with the Lebanon Police Department, 33-year-old Tony Williams walked into the building yelling and screaming about his back and that he wasn’t leaving until he was seen by a doctor and got medication. Witnesses told the officers that he also said there was a bomb in the building, and that he appeared to be under the influence. Williams was located in the waiting room and was taken into custody, at which time he said there was no bomb, and he shouldn’t have said that. He also said he was at the clinic to see his doctor because he was off his medication. When the arresting officer searched Williams they found a plastic bag that contained 8 pills in his wallet, which he said belonged to someone else. Williams is charged with possession of a controlled substance and making a terrorist threat. His bond was set at $ 25 thousand dollars.