(Jefferson City)–Governor Mike Parson on Thursday announced that the Missouri Department of Public Safety has awarded 106 Missouri law enforcement agencies a total of more than $700,000 in grants to purchase essential equipment used by officers, including ballistic vests, first aid and trauma kits, police radios, light bars, and sirens. The grants are designed to help protect officers and increase safety across Missouri. Local law enforcement agencies receiving grants include the Crocker Police Department for 8 helmets, shields, and batons…and the Richland Police Department for 5 bulletproof vests. The Miller County Sheriff’s Office will receive a $9,995.64 grant for 16 protective vests/protective clothing, 40 medical trauma and first aid kids, 8 vehicle partitions, 15 light bars, and 6 flashlights. The St. James police department will receive a grant to 6 mobile data terminals. The Edgar Springs police department will receive a grant for 2 radio/repeaters, 1 police vehicle, and miscellaneous items. Grant recipients must purchase their approved equipment by June 30th of this year.