AG Bailey Gets Judgment Against Phelps County Unlicensed Commercial Dog Breeder

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced Thursday that his office obtained a judgment against Phelps County business owner of Sho-Me Labradors, Sandra Kozlowski, for violating state standards for licensed commercial dog breeders.
In make the announcement, Bailey said….

In the judgment, the Court ruled that Kozlowski defied a previous consent jugment issued in May of 2020 for failure to comply with state law governing commercial dog breeders by keeping too many dogs, letting her breeder’s license lapse, and failing to provide dogs with fresh water or access to the outdoors.
Under the order, Kozlowski must pay 5-thousand dollars of suspended penalties from the original consent judgment and relinquish ownership of all remaining dogs.
This Tuesday, the Missouri Department of Agriculture seized 96 dogs from Sho-Me Labradors that were taken to St. Louis area for evaluating.