Missouri General Assembly approved FY 2025 Budget

The Missouri House of Representatives led efforts to pass a balanced budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 that saves $1.5 billion of Missouri’s surplus for emergencies and reduces spending from the FY2024 budget by over $1.2 billion. House Budget Chair Cody Smith, R-Carthage, commented, “Ensuring Missouri’s budget is balanced while also saving for known future expenses is our top priority. I am proud to pass this balanced budget that favorably positions Missouri for many years to come.”

The Missouri General Assembly this week finalized and approved a $51.7 billion budget, cutting nearly $2.6 billion from the Senate’s version of the FY2025 budget. The budget also reflects a $1.2 billion reduction in spending from the FY2024 budget. The FY2025 state operating budget achieves a crucial balance between ensuring that our financial resources are allocated efficiently and responsibly while safeguarding essential services. Streamlining government operations and identifying ineffective programs allowed the House to cut spending and still invest in the state’s infrastructure by rebuilding several of Missouri’s aging roadways, while also safeguarding essential services like education and healthcare our citizens have come to depend on.

“Our primary goal in crafting the Missouri state operating budget is to safeguard taxpayers and ensure essential services are well-supported. This balanced budget reflects our dedication to responsible spending and critical infrastructure investments, setting a positive course for our state’s future,” State Rep. and House Budget Chair Cody Smith, R-Carthage, said. “By avoiding wasteful expenditures and focusing on infrastructure, we’re not just meeting immediate needs but also laying the groundwork for sustained growth and prosperity. I am proud to present a balanced budget that accomplishes these goals, and am thankful for all of the hard work put into ensuring the passage of our budget.”

Some of the key highlights of the Fiscal Year 2025 Budget are as follows:

$727.5 million investment for rebuilding I-44 (including six lanes at Springfield, Joplin, and Rolla)
$8 million for the National Guard and Operation Lone Star to defend the southern border
$7.5 million for an aircraft maintenance facility at Rosecrans Air National Guard Base
$2 million for grants to crisis pregnancy resource centers to support mothers in need
$53 million for I-29 and I-35 improvements
$60 million for Highway 67 improvements in Southeast Missouri
$100 million for rural and low volume roads
$1.5 billion toward expanding broadband access
$120.6 million increase to fully fund the K-12 education foundation formula
$14 million increase to fully fund school transportation
The budget bans any state taxpayer dollars from going to any sanctuary city for illegal immigrants
The Governor and Legislature have reduced welfare spending by removing over 150,000 ineligible recipients
When the Republicans took over the legislature there were over 63,000 state employees. The number of state workers has been declining since then and the 2025 budget will reduced another 7,000, bringing us down to 49,500 employees.
Fully funded local schools through the state education formula, increased teacher pay to recruit and retain quality teachers, and transportation funding; thus ensuring our public schools have all the resources they need to provide a world-class education.
Zero taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood. There have been no legal abortions in Missouri since Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022.

This accomplishment comes after rigorous negotiations between the House and the Senate, where the steadfast approach of the Senate and House Budget chairs and leadership in both chambers resulted in a budget that aligns with the state’s priorities and values. The final savings figure, achieved through collaboration and determination, underscores the effectiveness of the legislative process. Majority Floor Leader Jon Patterson, R-Lees Summit added, “This was not an easy year to craft a budget and I commend Representative Smith and Senator Hough for the work they did to get this budget done in time. It was great to see the Senate and House working together to accomplish the people’s business and pass a balanced budget.”

“I outlined four goals for the House budget at the beginning of session. First, it had to be balanced. Second, it needed to protect our surplus for a future rainy day. Third, we needed to reduce spending from the FY2024 budget. Fourth, we needed to invest in the state’s infrastructure by rebuilding several of Missouri’s aging roadways while also safeguarding essential services like education and healthcare,” House Speaker Dean Plocher, R-Des Peres, said. “I want to thank the Governor’s staff, Senator Hough and the Senate leadership, along with Chairman Smith, Floor Leader Patterson, and the whole Budget committee for all their hard work. Our mission was to cut wasteful spending and use the savings to fully fund education and protect funding for vital healthcare services our citizens depend on and the mission was accomplished! Our conservative fiscal focus resulted in a balanced budget and $1.5 billion savings for a rainy day, fortifying our state against economic uncertainties driven by President Joe Biden’s policies. This budget not only achieves fiscal balance and substantial savings, but it also prioritizes investments in education, healthcare, and public safety—essential components for our community’s prosperity and economic advancement. It’s a great day for the House, Senate, Governor, and all of Missouri’s taxpayers.”

As these budgetary bills move forward and await signing from Governor Mike Parson, the House remains dedicated to responsible governance and transparent leadership, focused on serving the needs of our constituents.