You can now vote absentee without an excuse in the April Election

Today is the first day of No Excuse Absentee Voting in Missouri. All registered voters have an opportunity to vote on the April Ballot now without an excuse. Laclede County Clerk Linda Cansler said no excuse absentee voting will take place at her office in the Laclede County Government Center…..

In order to vote you must be a registered voter in Laclede County, and you must have a photo I.D. The April General Municipal Election will allow registered voters to decide on Municipal officeholder candidates, along with School Boards, certain Fire District Boards, Special Road District Boards and any issues on the ballot. Lebanon R-3 patrons will be deciding on a Bond Issue, and residents in the Village of Phillipsburg will decide to not hold an annual election if the number of candidates are equal to the number of positions open. Tomorrow(3/20) is the last day for absentee ballots may be requested by mail. If you have any questions about voting in Laclede County call 417-532-5471.

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