A Laclede County woman is facing multiple charges including assaulting a law enforcement officer and a doctor. Laclede County Deputies reported that on February 7th they responded to a report of an assault in the 26-thousand block of Pelican Drive. The victim reported that Krystle Leeper had punched him several times and kicked him, knocked him to the ground, and stomped on him. Leeper, who was allegedly intoxicated, then got into his vehicle and drove away. He said he attempted to stop her as she was driving away and was dragged by the vehicle. Law enforcement located Leeper and as they were placing her in handcuffs she resisted. She was taken to the hospital where she allegedly kicked the officer, and also assaulted a doctor. According to the report filed with the court, after Leeper assaulted the officer, she was placed in the patrol car, but then got out and ran toward the emergency door to the hospital. 37-year-old Krystle Leeper is charged with 5 counts of assault, resisting arrest, and escape from custody. She is being held without bond with a hearing date of February 14th.