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Woman Faces Charges After Causing Damage to Patrol Car

A woman from Columbia is facing charges in Camden County following her arrest over the weekend.  According to the Sunrise Beach Police Department, officers were in the area of Highway 54 near Lake Regional Hospital and observed a car stopped in the turn lane and spoke with the driver who said that a woman was staggering around in the road and he almost hit her. The officers took the woman into custody and took her to the emergency room at the hospital. While inside, the woman, identified as Sydney Embry, began struggling and kicked one of the officers in the head and spit on staff.  After getting paperwork from the hospital, the officers put her in the patrol vehicle, where she began kicking the roof and partition in the patrol vehicle. Embry caused a significant amount of damage inside the patrol car, including damaging a camera.  Embry has been charged with assault in the 4th degree and felony property damage.

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