Woman accused of resisting arrest

A Camdenton woman went down kicking and biting, when attempting to get away from law enforcement on Sunday morning. When a Camden County deputy arrived on scene of the undisclosed location, they were told that Anna Stephens was banging on a window of the residence, and she had been accused of trespassing during a prior incident. The deputy was informed that Stephens had walked down the road and reportedly heard her screaming. When the deputy found her Stephens was sitting on a patio chair near the lake shore and was wearing nothing but a blanket. Stephens allegedly refused to stand and attempted to pull away. After being handcuffed, Stephens allegedly broke free, and while the deputy was attempted to secure her again was bitten by the woman, at which time they struck her with a fist. She then grapped the deputy between the legs. After the woman was tasered twice, she complied with officers. Stephens is charged with two counts of assault and felony resisting arrest.