Winners of the 2022 MP Competitive Challenge announced Tuesday morning in Lincoln Hall Auditorium

After three days of nearly non-stop competition by 59, Military Police Soldiers from as far away as Korea, Germany, and Hawaii, U.S. Army MP School leaders named the winners of their 2022 MP Competitive Challenge Tuesday morning in Lincoln Hall Auditorium. The competition featured categories for officers and teams of NCOs and junior enlisted Soldiers, and taking the overall officer category win was Fort Leonard Wood’s 2nd Lt. Carlos Paiz, a platoon leader from Company E, 701st MP Battalion. In the overall team category, the winners were Staff Sgt. Adam Walter and Spc. Mikel Dillon, from the 91st MP Battalion, at Fort Drum, New York. The goal of the competition, which began last Friday, was to test military expertise, and physical and mental abilities and enhance esprit de corps. Events included a physical fitness assessment, weapons qualifications, Expert Soldier Badge categories, an 18-mile foot march and written exams, including a 150-question test given just after midnight on day two, Schrader said.
In addition to the overall winners, USAMPS presented awards for some of the individual events. The physical fitness assessment winners included 2nd Lieutenant Paiz, in the officer category, and Staff Sgt. Owen Gourd and Pfc. Shimels Shone, from the 709th MP Battalion, Rose Barracks, Germany, in the team category. Paiz, who assists in his company’s One Station Unit Training mission here, said being stationed at Fort Leonard Wood — commonly called the home of the MP — doesn’t mean a home-field advantage. The MPCC, last held in 2019, coincides with MP Regimental Week, which is scheduled for September 19th through 24th this year and celebrates 81 years of the MP Corps.