While Chiefs and Eagles fans fight this weekend over who has the better team, cuisine, and Kelce brother, the rest of the country will watch over a plate of chicken wings. One-point-four-five billion of them, according to projections released ahead of the big game by the National Chicken Council. That’s an average of four wings per American. Spokesman Tom Super says it’s a record figure, sparked in part by lower retail prices year-over-year.

Super also credits an increase in home-prepared foods, notably with air fryers, for the increased demand. He says poultry producers have kept up with demand even amid the past year’s avian influenza outbreak.

Tom Super of the National Chicken Council notes that if laid end-to-end, one-point-four-five billion chicken wings would stretch between Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium and Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field 62 times. That’s also equivalent to 840 loops around the Kansas City metro on Interstate 435, or 20-point-one million chicken wings placed on each step leading up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, made famous by Sylvester Stallone in Rocky.

courtesy Kyle Hill Regional Radio News