As the Laclede County Commission and the Laclede County Collector’s Office continue to try to iron out differences on the collection of property taxes, it could mean a significant bill to the taxpayers who live in the City of Lebanon, if they can’t come to a resolution. City Administrator Mike Schumacher addressed the County Commission this morning(tues)…..

Schumacher said that without a resolution, the citizens of Lebanon would have to deal with 2 tax bills, instead of one. Schumacher said the city has offered to pay for a mediator and offer the services of a city attorney to help them iron out a resolution. In case the County Office holders can’t get this resolved, Schumacher asked that they get an extension for the County Collector to collect taxes for the city until the city can get everything in place. The Laclede County Commission released a statement today(tues) saying the current agreement has been previously extended for the transition in officeholders until the end of March, 2023. The Laclede County Commission believes this proposed agreement represents cooperative government and a wise utilization of resources. The Laclede County Commission remains hopeful that a resolution for the continuation of the city municipal tax collection will be signed before the current contract expires.