Who collects property taxes in Lebanon

The Laclede County Commission this morning(thurs) signed a 6-month extension on an agreement that will allow the County Collector to collect property taxes for the City of Lebanon. The original agreement which was with the previous County Collector Steve Pickering, expired on March 31st after Toni Cook Morris was elected and took over as collector. Since that time there have been back-and-forth discussions, between the City, the Collector, and the County Commission. Morris said she would have liked to continue the original agreement that was in place with Pickering…

When asked what has been holding up the process, Presiding Commissioner Randy Angst said this….

But Angst said the attorney’s legal opinion is advice, and they have to decide whether or not they want to accept that. The six-month extension agreement has been sent to the City of Lebanon, and now City Council will decide if they want to sign that agreement which will allow the County Collector to take payment of City property taxes until September 30th. According to the agreement, the 180 days will allow time for the city to develop its own process for collecting City taxes. We may know tonight whether or not the City agrees to the extension.