(Waynesville)–The Waynesville School District Transportation Department received the “Exemplary School Bus Maintenance Award” Thursday from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. DESE recognized the transportation team “for its exemplary school bus maintenance program, as evidenced by ‘compliance with at least 90 percent for 20 years’ passage of Missouri school bus regulations and standards during the spring 2020 school bus inspection, conducted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.” “I am so proud of our transportation team and how hard they have worked during the past two decades to maintain exceptionally high standards,” said Dr. Brian Henry, superintendent. “It takes everyone – from the mechanics making repairs to the daily inspections by our bus drivers to the office staff – to maintain this level of excellence on our fleet of 70 buses. “DESE’s timing of the arrival of this award was perfect,” Henry said. “During this pandemic, our transportation team is working harder than ever to keep students safe.” This is School Bus Safety Week and this year’s theme is “Red Lights Mean Stop.”