Waynesville School District students had excellent scores in the  Missouri Assessment Program (MAP)

Waynesville School District students are resilient and their Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) scores prove it. Superintendent of Schools Hilary Bales says, “At several grade levels, our scores are above where they were in 2018 prior to COVID-19, which is a great accomplishment. In English language arts, Waynesville students outperformed the state average across the board.” The district’s focus groups, which include special education and race categories defined by the state as American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic, Multiracial, and White, outperformed the state average in 24 of the 26 focus group categories. When compared to other schools within our conference, Waynesville is among the top scorers in 14 of the 19-grade level and end-of-course exam categories. “Behind these numbers are students learning and staff working extremely hard,” Bales said. “As educators, our work is never finished and there are areas we want to focus on moving forward, but it is important to take time to celebrate the progress made.” Overall, the district’s biggest growth opportunity is in secondary math scores. Secondary math scores will be an area of focus as plans are made for the remainder of this school year.