Waynesville plan to change committee meeting schedule

The City of Waynesville has been looking at ways to become more efficient with the schedules of Boards and Committees. The plan is for Committees to meet in the first week of the month and Boards and Commissions to meet the second week of the month. Mayor Pro-tem Sean Wilson gives us a rundown of what the schedule will look like….

The new schedule will be voted on by the various boards and committees before the schedule is finalized. Wilson said they have been working hard to fill vacant positions and are down to two openings on the boards and committees. He said in some cases they can select someone who doesn’t live in the city limits, but others like the Park Board are restricted to those who reside in Waynesville. The boards and committee meetings, like the Board of Aldermen, are open to the public unless the discussion is related to personnel, real estate or legal topics.