The Court of Impeachment against Mayor Jerry Brown last night at the Waynesville Municipal Center resulted in the mayor being convicted of one of the Articles of Impeachment and being removed from office. By a six-to-one vote, city council members convicted Brown of the mistreatment of city employees and failure to enforce municipal ordinances. However, three other Articles of Impeachment against Brown did not receive the necessary 6-to-1 majority vote.
City attorneys called five witnesses to prove their case against the Mayor. A defense attorney called upon two witnesses and Mayor Brown to make his case.
At the end of the 7-and-one-half-hour proceedings, Mayor Pro Tem Sean Wilson, who presided over the Court of Impeachment, said he was pleased with the process.

Despite the Court of Impeachment’s extreme length, about 30 interested members of the public stuck it out until the end at one-thirty this morning.
Brown has held the position of Mayor in the Pulaski County town for the past two years. A majority of the council members say he was unfit to serve.
During the hearing, Mayor Brown’s attorney asked to disqualify council member Cecil Davis saying he had a bias. The request was denied. The mayor’s attorney believes the impeachment is politically motivated by Davis and another councilwoman. The removal of Brown was to take effect immediately.