Waynesville High School Athletic/Activity Hall of Fame

Waynesville R-6 School District and Activities Department announced Monday that starting in the 2023-24 school year, they will begin honoring those individuals or groups whose actions, achievements, and character bring honor and distinction to the heritage of Waynesville High School through the development of a Waynesville High School Athletic/Activity Hall of Fame committee. The Hall of Fame will serve as a means of recognizing, preserving, and honoring individuals or groups, living and deceased, who made significant contributions to the athletic/activities programs. The Hall of Fame will honor the contributions and accomplishments of individuals or groups who are worthy of recognition and are examples for others to emulate. The committee will be made up of Community Representatives Mike Keeling and David Griffin, Tiger Athletic Booster Club Representative Gina Ray, Retired Coach Representative Karl Wilking, Retired Teacher Representative Luge Hardman, High School Coach/Educator Representative Charlotte Ray, Waynesville High School Alumnus Ellie Kunkle, and Athletic/Activities Director Cory Ace. Beginning this June 1st, the process and criteria to nominate candidates will be released and nominations for the 1st annual Waynesville Athletic/Activity Hall of Fame may begin. A maximum of four nominees may be inducted each year unless determined otherwise by the selection committee. A silent ballot will narrow the selection field down to a final ten, including up to eight nominees from athletics and two team nominations.