Waynesville and St. Robert Marijuana Sales Tax Proposals Pass, Richland Proposition K.I.D.S Does Not

Pulaski County voters went to the polls Tuesday in extremely low numbers and approved the 3-percent recreational marijuana sales tax proposals of St. Robert and Waynesville by overwhelming majorities. St. Robert Question One passed by a margin of 64 votes to 19. Waynesville Proposition A passed 84-to-17.
The Richland School District Proposition KIDS was crushed by voters in Pulaski, Camden, and Laclede Counties. Richland precinct voters turned the proposition down by a 243-to-89 margin. Camden County voters turned down Proposition KIDS with 144 no votes and only 22 yes votes.
Laquey precinct voters disapproved Proposition Fire of the Hazelgreen Rural Fire Protection District by a 34-to-19 vote margin.