On this first day of school in the area, law enforcement officials are reminding motorists to watch out for students along the roadway and for loading and unloading school buses.
Christian Welsh is the supervisory officer for the traffic division at Fort Leonard Wood.

Fort Leonard Wood’s Directorate of Emergency Services has some back-to-school tips to help ensure a safe school year.
Parents and caregivers should talk to children about bus-stop and traffic safety rules. Here are a few tips:

-Always stay in sight of the bus driver. Make eye contact when possible. Assume drivers cannot see you and never walk behind a school bus.
-Don’t hurry off the bus. Make sure to check for traffic first.
-Use sidewalks where available. If you must walk in the street, walk single file facing traffic.
-Be alert. Avoid using cellphones, earbuds, and hand-held games as they can be a distraction.
-Use caution. When crossing a street — in a crosswalk or at a corner — look left, then right, then left again. Wait until all cars are stopped or the road is clear before stepping out — that means all cars in all lanes in all directions.