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Twelve Black Bears harvested in the 2021 Bear hunt in Missouri

12  bears were harvested by hunters during the first bear hunting season in the state. For years, black bears have been migrating north from Arkansas where they were re-introduced to the Natural State many years ago. When the estimated population reached a certain number, a black bear season was introduced in Missouri…..It ran from Oct. 18th thru the 27TH. The Missouri Department of Conservation reports 12 black bears were harvested during the state’s inaugural bear hunting season that ended this past Wednesday. In total, zone one hunters harvested nine bears and zone two harvested three bears. There was no bear harvested in zone three, which included Pulaski County.

District Supervisor and Pulaski County Conservation Agent Aaron Pondrom said just to have a season was something many hunters have been looking forward to

Pondrom said there should be more seasons in the future as the Black Bear population continues to grow

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