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Traffic Tickets can cost hundreds for 3 more years

As the U.S. begins to return to normal and drivers hit the road again, an increase in traffic highlights the need to remain cautious and safe while driving. That, added with the expense associated with traffic violations and roadway deaths at an extreme high, breaking traffic laws can not only break the bank, but pose serious or deadly injuries.
The Zebra has released new research that shows that a traffic ticket can cost you significant money. Danielle Marchelle (marshal) says that many people don’t realize that a traffic ticket will stay with you for about 3 years…



In some cases, a traffic ticket can increase your premiums by nearly 50 percent…..

An even more significant increase can be added to your insurance if you leave the scene of an accident, are caught racing or driving while intoxicated. Marchelle said the key to keeping your insurance rates lower is to obey all traffic laws. She also said that it’s always good to shop around for the lowest insurance rates, and you can change insurance companies at any time.


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