Crocker Mo,-As part of the Pulaski County Health Center’s duty to protect the public’s health, it is informing of potential COVID-19 exposure in the community. People at locations on these dates below are at low risk for contracting COVID-19 but should monitor for symptoms. There is no need to self-quarantine or isolate unless symptoms develop.
Newest Cases 4/10/2020-04/16/2020 (This is from 14 Newest Cases) Not everyone went out and not the same person everywhere)
3/29/2020 Price Cutter around Noon Waynesville
04/03/2020 Am Walmart St. Robert
04/03 Afternoon Walmart St. Robert
04/03/2020 Late afternoon Walmart St. Robert
04/04/2020 AM Lowes St. Robert
04/04/2020 Walmart St. Robert
04/04/2020 Drive-Thru Maries County Bank St. Robert
04/05/2020 Late Afternoon Walmart St. Robert
04/05/2020 Panera Drive-thru AM
04/05/2020 Rocky Top Kennel
04/06/2020 Jimmy Johns Lunch take out
04/06/2020 Star Bucks St. Robert Drive-thru
04/06/2020 Afternoon Walmart St. Robert
04/10/2020 Freddie’s Drive-Thru Late Afternoon
04/11/2020 Late Morning Walmart St. Robert
04/04/2020 Starbuck St. Robert Dive Thru Afternoon
04/10/2020 Lowes in the early afternoon,
04/10/2020 Wendy’s Drive-thru
04/10/2020 Walmart St. Robert
04/10/2020 Rocky Top Kennel
4/11/2020 Dollar General Waynesville
04/11/2020 Walmart St. Robert
04/12/2020 Walmart St. Robert
CAUTION!!! These are listed from the reports given to us by the persons who have tested positive. This may not be a complete listing as some may have ordered food they have forgotten to list or visited and may not have remembered. By this list Pulaski County Residents need to begin thinking that anyone you pass may be positive or feeling ill and they believe they need to go shopping or to an area before they go into quarantine. ALL who test positive are expected to remain in quarantine until released by the Health Department to resume normal activities.