Tomorrow is Municipal and School Board election day in Missouri. Polls will open to voters at 6 o’clock tomorrow morning and close at 7 o’clock tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow is Municipal and School Board election day in Missouri. Polls will open to voters at 6 o’clock tomorrow morning and close at 7 o’clock tomorrow evening.
In Pulaski County’s municipal races, in Crocker, Christi Leaverton is unopposed for Ward One alderman…and Matt Worstell, Matthew C. Pickens, Denise York, Jake Wonder, and Michael Criswell are seeking the post of Ward Two alderman. In Dixon, voters will have to write a name in for Wards One and Two city alderman. Trevor Warner is unopposed for Ward Three alderman. In Richland, Jason Williams and Jason Goldsmith are seeking election as Ward One city aldermans. Mark Howlett is unopposed in Ward Two, and Gary Hess and Dillon Zeigenbein are seeking the Ward Three aldermanic post.
The only contest for city office in St. Robert is for the Ward One alderman’s post. Glen Askeland is pitted against Charles V. Slider, Junior. The other wards in the city have only single candidates. They are Linda Daniels in Ward Two, James Breckinridge in Ward Three, and Michael Myers in Ward Four.
In Waynesville, Sean Wilson and Steve Lynch are seeking votes to become Mayor. Rob Rice, Marilynn Troutman, and Mark Sharadin are running against each other to be Ward Two alderman. Ryan Bland is unopposed in Ward Three, Trudy Dil is running for a one-year term in Ward Three, and Robert Hyatt, Junior, is running unopposed in Ward Four.

Voters also will be selecting school board members in all six districts in Pulaski County.
There are four candidates in the Crocker School District–Brittany Fry, Joseph “Joey” Mendez, Joseph Ament, and Jennifer Burney. Voters should vote for two of them.
Three candidates are running for the two seats on the Richland Board of Education–Warren Powell, Tim Sherrer, and Elizabeth Duncan.
Four candidates are vying for two board of education posts in the Waynesville School District–Janel Rowell, David Griffen, Mike Keeling, and Richard Oxendine.
Only two incumbents have filed without opposition in Dixon, Laquey, and Swedeborg, and their names will not be on Tuesday’s ballot. They are Matthew Ford and Justin Thompson in Dixon, Chris Hendrix and Curtis Hendrix in Laquey, and Chuck Warren and Tommy Frank in Swedeborg.

There are several ballot proposals whose fates will be decided by voters on Tuesday.
The County of Pulaski Use Tax Proposal would, according to ballot language, impose a local use tax rate on online sales. In common language, the use tax proposal on the ballot is not to increase any taxes, it would merely allow Pulaski County to get its share of an online sales tax already being collected by the State of Missouri. The state keeps each county’s share of that tax money unless its citizens pass a use tax proposal. Because of this, Pulaski County has missed out on approximately 1 million dollars in tax revenue from the state over the last five years. If approved, the county is expected to receive about a half-million dollars from the state in fresh revenue.
Proposition Two on Tuesday’s ballot will be voted on by eligible voters in only the Waynesville School District.
It would authorize a levy increase of ten cents per one-hundred dollars of assessed valuation and raise the school tax levy to $3.05 per hundred dollars of assessed valuation if passed by voters in the district. School district leaders say it would ensure that Waynesville stays eligible for Federal B2 Heavily Impacted Aid that brings to the district 8.5 million dollars annually.
Dixon Ambulance district voters are being asked to approve a sales tax of one-half of one percent for the purpose of providing revenues for the operation of the district.