Thirty-seven years ago, Stonehenge appeared on the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus in Rolla. The 160 tons of granite acts as a natural clock and calendar, and it will mark the fall equinox in mid-September. To celebrate the midpoint of fall, Equinox Fest will be held from noon to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, September 22nd, at the Stonehenge monument, located along U.S. Highway 63 just north of McNutt Hall on the S&T campus. The campus will celebrate celestial noon, approximately 1 p.m. in Rolla due to daylight savings time. During the festival, attendees can learn about the science behind Stonehenge and its history and significance, enjoy free food, learn about changes in the visual perspective of the moon and stars, participate in hands-on activities, and visit with space- and solar-related student organizations and design teams. T-shirts for the event are available and cost $6-9 depending on size before the event and $10 when purchased at the festival. T-shirts can be pre-purchased by emailing [email protected]