Threat Lands Dallas County Man In Jail

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office has apprehended a man who allegedly placed a threatening letter inside a library book. The individual in question, Matthew Fleetwood, is now facing charges including four counts of terrorist threats and one count of making a false bomb threat.

According to the letter, which was discovered, the author, identified as “Jack,” claimed that seven devices had been strategically placed in and around the city of Buffalo. One device was described as a chemical explosive with the potential to create a massive impact equivalent to that of a football field-sized hole. The letter mentioned that “Jack” had been hired to eliminate Matthew Fleetwood. Additionally, a list of demands was included, demanding the imprisonment of Matthew Fleetwood and his wife in a motel room, along with a demand for $1.5 million as compensation for their alleged suffering.

In response to the incident, authorities conducted extensive searches of all school buildings, county facilities, and city government buildings. No evidence of any imminent danger was found during the investigation.

Matthew Fleetwood appeared before a judge, who set his bond at $75,000.