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Thirty-Seven Percent of Pulaski County Residents Have Completed Their Covid-19 Shots

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention released figures supplied this past Friday which offer a glimmer of hope that the increasing number of Covid vaccinations may be starting to cause a dent in the current Covid-19 outbreak. CDC still considers Pulaski County as having a high transmission rate of the virus. However, as of Friday, the county has seen a 15.43 percent drop in confirmed cases in the preceeding seven days.
According to the CDC, over 700 residents received their first Covid shot last week, and over 600 residents received their second Covid shot during the same period.
The percent of Pulaski County citizens who have received their first shot is now 23,869, or 45.7 percent of the county’s population. 19,651 have completed their Covid vaccinations, or 37.4 percent.

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