The filing period for candidates who want to appear on the ballot for the April 5th elections next year expired at 5 p-m Tuesday. Due to difficulties with reaching the proper city clerks and school superintendents at that hour, we have only a limited number of filings to report this morning but will have more as the day wears on. No one new filed for the Waynesville Board of Education since before Christmas, leaving the four final candidates running for two board positions in the district. They are the two incumbents–Aaron Pondrom and Charles Quinn–joined by two challengers–David Griffin and Melissa James. Three candidates will be on the Dixon School Board ballot in April–Zachary K. Shepard, Douglas Roam, and Derek Rollins. Shepard and Roam are the incumbents. Crocker voters will have a choice of three candidates to fill two seats on the Board of Education. They are Jeffrey Danielson, Junior, Andrea Branstetter, and Sherry Campisi. Danielson is an incumbent board member. The other incumbent, Kris York, did not file for re-election. For the municipal office in St. Robert, Alderman Theresa Cook filed for re-election in ward one and will be opposed by Glen Askeland and Susan Davidson. Alderman Linda Daniels filed for re-election in ward two and will be opposed by Jon Byrom. Alderman Todd Williams filed for re-election and will be unopposed in ward three. Alderman Michael Myers has filed for re-election and will be opposed by Tyler Slayton.