The City of Waynesville has received funding from the American Rescue Plan Act to provide financial opportunities for citizens of the community, businesses, and workers that were impacted by Covid-19. The Build It Better Home Improvement Program will aid homeowners to complete energy efficient repairs on their homes. Waynesville authorities hope the program will provide lower utility bills for disproportionate households during times of peak demand. The second program will allow for premium pay for essential workers of grocery and convenience stores and service stations within the Waynesville city limits. This program will fund up to $250 per employee for those who worked between February 1st, 2020, and August 31st, 2021. To be eligible, the employee must still be employed by the business. For more information, or to apply for these opportunities, contact Waynesville City Hall at 573-774-6171, stop at City Hall, or go online at to download applications and get more information.