In an effort to help its local business community and citizens during these trying times, The City of Osage Beach is offering water/sewer rebates on residents water/sewer bills for local receipts, up to $60. Spend $25.00 at any Osage Beach business within the City limits between May 8th and July 31st and earn a $15.00 rebate applied to your Osage Beach water/sewer account, not to exceed $60. Osage Beach City Administrator, Jeana Woods, has more.

There is a deadline for the rebate program.

Multifamily structures with water/sewer service billed jointly, are eligible for rebates not to exceed $60 per unit, and not more than $1,000 per account. To qualify, the property owner or manager must present receipts for spending by residents or tenants of the building. You can find complete details and a list of frequently asked questions on their website at,