The Vehicle Of Lake Area Man Missing For Ten Years Has Been Found

Over the weekend, the Camden County Sheriff’s Department, with the help of a freelance videographer and drone pilot, and the Mid-County Fire Protection District Dive Team retrieved the vehicle of a man who has gone missing for ten years. Donald L. Erwin has not been seen since December 2013.
The freelance videographer, James Hinkle, reported to sheriff’s detectives that he saw what appeared to be a submerged vehicle in a pond in private property in the south part of Camden County. Hinkle arranged with the property owner to search the area on foot and by kayak and found a light-colored submerged passenger car in the pond.
Deputies and detectives from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office as well as members of the Mid-County Fire Protection District Dive Team responded to the area and met with Hinkle and the property owner. Divers searched the pond and verified the license plate on the submerged vehicle matched the plate on Erwin’s missing Hyundai. The Hyundai Elantra was pulled from the pond and Erwin’s family was notified of the development.
Investigators says his remains were not found in the car and they are still actively working on the case, processing the vehicle for evidence, and searching the pond and surrounding area for any remains of Erwin.