Temporary Office For Ozark Amphitheater Announced

The Ozarks Amphitheater has temporarily relocated its office after a devastating fire destroyed its original office on Thursday night. The offices will now be situated in the old Van Hooks Bait and Tackle store located at 2418 Old Rt. 5, at the front of the amphitheater property.

Meanwhile, ticket purchases can be made in person at Bridal Cave or Split Arrow Boutique until the venue can acquire replacement ticketing equipment. The fire caused extensive damage to the main concession/office building, with the roof of the two-story building had already collapsed when the first responders arrived on the scene. The stage and the seating area were unaffected by the incident. The Mid-County Fire Marshal and the Missouri State Fire Marshal’s Office are investigating the cause of the fire. Despite the setback, the Amphitheater is still set to host a lineup of concerts this spring and summer.