The Camden County Health Department is informing the public of locations a patient with coronavirus visited before testing. The case is not travel-related. It’s been said that the patient may be a bus driver for the Camdenton School District. Regional Radio News has spoken with Camdenton R-3 Superintendent Tim Hadfield who tells us that they have notified all staff and parents of students that may have been exposed…

Dr Hadfield said if you have questions call the health department or Camdenton School District. He said parents should be aware that if they haven’t gotten a call from the school or the health department, then they were not exposed to the patient.

Health officials say the actual risk of transmission is low, from exposure to this particular patient, but they were at
*Nauti-fish, WalMart Camdenton, Woods at Sunrise Beach, Dollar General on F Road, Camdenton Bus Barn and Hurricane Deck School between March 13th and 19th.

The county only reports this one COVID-19 case. Health leaders remind us to assume anyone you are dealing with in the public can potentially be infectious.