As Lebanon City Council continues consideration of the proposed the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget, one division of the city that impacts nearly all citizens and visitors, is the Street Division. In the proposed budget there are thousands of linear feet of asphalt overlay and surface treatment. Street Supervisor Mike Moore tells us they use a system to determine which streets need the most attention…..

The program also helps determine if the street needs to be overlayed, or other measures to extend the life of the street….

Some of the major projects being proposed in the Fiscal Year 2021 budget is an overlay on Mount Rose Street, Hoover, and Raef Road. The surface treatment is proposed on Adams Avenue, Tower Road, Herndon, and Jackson Avenue. There is also a sidewalk project in the proposal that would allow pedestrians to walk from Brice Street near the High School to 7th Street. Two vehicles, a skid steer loader, and a salt storage building are also proposed in the 2021 budget. Minus wages and benefits, the City of Lebanon Street Division is requesting expenditures of nearly $612-thousand-dollars. City Council will continue budget discussions during the June 4th work session.