Stoutland woman accused of vehicle theft

A woman who tried to convince a deputy that she had just borrowed the pickup she was driving, is facing a June 5th court date. A Laclede County Deputy reported that he encountered a pickup on Gateway Road that didn’t have a front license plate, and he believed that it was stolen. He followed the truck and provided dispatch with the rear license plate number and it turned out the license belonged to a Dodge, but the truck was a Chevy. When the pickup stopped and the deputy spoke with the driver, 29-year-old Jordan Brown of Stoutland, she said she had just borrowed the truck and didn’t know why the license didn’t belong to the truck. She also said that her car had broken down near a home and they allowed her to use the truck, but when the deputy asked she didn’t know who owned the truck. It turned out that the vehicle had been reported stolen. Brown is charged with felony tampering with a motor vehicle.