Stoutland School Board member submits resignation after backlash from Demonic influence statement in Church

A member of the Stoutland School Board, Rick Morrow, has presented a letter of resignation. In an email from Board President Joe Miller and a written statement from the District, it was stated that they are aware that a member of the Board of Education, in a setting and capacity outside of his board member role, made comments that have been interpreted as derogatory toward individuals with certain disabilities. The District went on to say that one member of the Board of Education does not speak for the Board of Education as a whole, nor the District itself. It was stated that the District is steadfast in its compliance with both the requirements of and the spirit of non-discrimination laws and the Board-adopted policies regarding the same. The statement went on to say, the school district welcomes students of all backgrounds, regardless of ability, and provides educational opportunities and services to each one with commitment and care. According to the statement, the resignation will be presented to the Board as a whole at the next meeting. Rick Morrow, a Pastor at Beulah Baptist Church has been accused of making statements that relate certain diseases to demonic influence.