Lebanon Police are investigating a report of a motor vehicle theft that happened at the Hughes Senior Center. The vehicle owner said she last saw her 2002 Dodge Caravan at the senior center on Wednesday night. The owner said that they had the GPS activated and it was located at 156 Minkler in Lebanon. An officer located the van, which would found to have damage inside, including missing interior lights, the back seats off the tracks, and the license plate was missing. Several items that didn’t belong to the owner were found in the van. The license plate were found Thursday, on an abandoned vehicle that was located at Happy Trails RV Park. The investigation is continuing.

A Lebanon woman contacted police after someone drove off in her car on Wednesday morning. According to the Police report, the woman said she was in her apartment getting her son ready for school when she heard what sounded like her car starting up. She said her son looked out and saw the car being driven away. The stolen vehicle is described as a red 2 door Ford Escort.