State Minimum Wage Discussed At Lebanon City Council Work Session

The increase in the state minimum wage was a topic of discussion during the Thursday night work session for Lebanon City Council. City Administrator Mike Schumacher said the increase will have an impact on about 30 positions, most of which are in the parks department. He said they have to adjust those salaries due to state law….

There is an anticipation of a possible 3 percent increase for the rest of city employees when the new budget rolls around. Councilman Dan Mizell said 3 percent may not be enough.

One of the challenges that the city has to consider is future revenues and what is sustainable. In other business Council heard a proposal from the Mayor to eliminate the Thursday work session, and hold a compressed work session prior to the start of the regular meetings of City Council. That would mean that Lebanon City Council will meet on the 2nd and 4th Monday, with a work session beginning at 6pm, and the regular Council meeting will begin afterward or at 6:30pm. The proposal is to start the new schedule in February.