The season opens today at the Tiger Typhoon Aquatic Center in St. Robert.
Enjoy a day at the pool for $6 per person for swimmers and waders four years of age and older. Children 3 years old and under get in for free when accompanied by an adult.
The cost of the season pass for a family of four is $165, with an additional charge of $20 for each additional family member over four. Family members on a family pass must all reside in the same home, under the same roof.
The price for individual season passes are $80.
If you would like to get a season pass for Tiger Typhoon, you can go online on the Tiger Typhoon site and make a payment.
After completing the application and submitting it, please click continue and you will be redirected to the online payment site. Please complete the payment information, and when you are asked to select the payment type, please choose “Miscellaneous”. When asked for a unique code, please type “PK11”.
Or you can purchase a season pass at the pool site on J. H. Williamson, Junior Drive in St. Robert.
If you have any questions or experience issues, please contact the pool at 573-451-2625.